Daymark is an international trio performing traditional Irish music with infectious energy and a Northern flair. Fusing the talents of Will Woodson (flute, border pipes), Dan Foster (fiddle) and Eric McDonald (guitar, vocals) the group presents well crafted music without frills. Sharing a love for the old tunes and songs, they serve as a modern reminder of traditional music's longevity, and they perform it with a camaraderie that is easy to fall into. The three first met in 2015 at the Northern Roots Festival in Vermont. Over a long night of music, they discovered a natural blend of individual styles, creating the backbone of a sound that carries echoes of Irish-American dance halls of the 1920s and 30s alongside the lonesome melodies of Donegal country fiddlers and the smokey pubs of England's immigrant neighborhoods. Taken together, these influences create a music that is very much a part of the present day. It's a sound that's urgent and wild, intimate enough to feel at home in the local pub but big enough to fill a festival stage or a concert hall. All three members have spent years performing traditional music and collectively have lived and studied across Ireland, Scotland, England, America and Canada in cities such as Limerick, Glasgow, Newcastle, Montreal, Boston and New York City. Together as Daymark, their collective experiences coalesce into a compelling musical force.