During these uncertain times, musicians are looking for more and more support online. Even after the pandemic has receded and live concerts resume, it seems we will be relying on this new and nebulous medium more than before. This page is a request for support, both financial and organizational. There are services and products, and if you purchase them you will be helping me and my musical compatriots tangibly. But equally as important are the social and communication links. Please, follow/like the pages and sign the email lists so that I can continue to keep you abreast of what I am doing, and continue to actively grow audience and community. Thank you all, I miss you, and I look forward to sharing more with you!


$40 - 30 minutes / $50 - 45 minutes / $60 - 1 hour
I'm currently taking online students for mandolin and DADGAD guitar. I work with a wired internet connection, two camera angles to ensure close up views of tricks and techniques, and I run high quality audio through an interface so students can hear clearly examples of performance, technique and tone. I can work with your schedule, whatever it is. Email eric@ericmcdonaldmusic.com to set up a lesson.

Kalos is currently running a fundraising campaign to finish our new album. You can watch the video below for more info and donate using the paypal button. Donations of $25 or more function as a pre-order.